psychedelics and music

Why Do Psychedelics Make You Better At Music

Nowadays, psychedelics are gaining more and more popularity for use in spiritual and recreational purposes. The most common psychedelics, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, have similar effects on our brains since they are chemically similar to serotonin’s neurotransmitter. The brain produces this chemical substance and is in charge of several neural functions, like mood, memory, and world perception. But are psychedelics capable of making our brain more sensitive to music? Today, we’ll try to answer this popular question.

The connection between psychedelics and music

Some out-to-date studies concluded a strong emotional connection between psilocybin and music. Scientists believe that this evidence will be helpful for the approved therapeutic use of psychedelics in the future. 

It is worth mentioning that LSD was recently investigated to enhance the emotional responses caused by music, so there was strong interest in whether psilocybin has the same effects. Thus, Danish researchers conducted a study that involved 20 healthy participants. People listened to a specially-designed music program that consisted of Mozart’s and Elgar’s compositions before and after consuming a controlled dose of psilocybin. 

Scientists were focused on evaluating the music’s emotional responses, particularly feelings of peacefulness and wonder. They concluded that consumption of psilocybin significantly increased the emotional responses in participants up to 60%! These study results are essential to use the potential of music to promote the efficacy of psychedelic treatments.

The best music to listen to on psychedelics

  1. Classical

Music is a standard feature of psychedelic therapy that is done under supervision. There isn’t a better option to deal with when it comes to classical music on psychedelics. Scientists said that the music of Vivaldi and other famous classical composers is crucial to complement the psychedelic experience making it smoother and more enjoyable. 

The Johns Hopkins University of Medicine has even designed a special psilocybin playlist that contains a range of classical compositions. A study conducted by University specialists demonstrated that gong sounds could cause the same effects as classical music, if not even better.

  1. Nature sounds

If you doubt what is the best music for psychedelics, be certain any natural sounds will make your mindset and set and setting right tuned. Moreover, sounds of nature have the potential to help you deal with overwhelming trips on shrooms by smoothing their intensity. Sounds of rain or birds singing can be a great alternative to instrumental music pieces making your psychedelic experience passing better.

  1. Different genres

Trips on LSD enhance each layer of your music experience, so turning on your favorite old hits is an excellent consideration. You can experiment with different music genres – the LSD effects luckily last up to 12 hours, allowing you to listen to not a single playlist. Moreover, psychedelics music is usually associated with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones tracks that are great for better experience on hallucinogens.