Viking Dragon Bracelets

What Were The Meanings Of Viking Dragon Bracelets?

Viking style bracelet is an accessory that has many meanings. In this article, we will explain some of them, so that you will be sure you choose the right one.

What are the Viking leather bracelets? 

This is a non-locking bracelet, mostly made of metal (bronze, silver, or gold) or leather. In texture, it should resemble scales and two dragon heads at the ends of the bracelet. From the name, it is clear that these bracelets are invariably associated with the Vikings, and hence with Scandinavian mythology.

What is the significance of this bracelet? 

The bracelet has a great sacred and symbolic meaning. The Vikings believed that there were several worlds and after death, in the earthly world, the warrior enters Valhalla. So, the main meaning behind the Viking dragon bracelet is that each of the dragon’s heads represents one of the essences of our world. Two dragons unite the upper and lower worlds, and only in the union of these worlds can there be harmony and prosperity. One dragon is connected with another – it is a kind of yin-yang, where everything is interconnected, good can not do without evil and everything in the world is changeable and nothing is eternal. The Vikings invested in this bracelet both the sacrament of life, which gives each new day and the darkness of night, which carries a threat and death. But, because the heads of the dragon are interconnected and form a vicious circle, the Viking dragon head bracelet meaning is that a cycle of life cycles leading to the balance of our world.

Another meaning of Viking bracelet

Viking leather bracelets are mostly men’s jewelry, and there is a separate explanation for this. The Vikings were giving the bracelet to a 12-year-old boy, which meant that the man became a warrior. During this ceremony, the boy took the vassal oath and since then he has constantly worn a bracelet on his left hand. Therefore, the bracelet is a symbol of devotion, maturity, courage, and a constant reminder of the oath. On these sacred bracelets, men later took other oaths, and failure to observe such an oath meant exile for its owner. In addition, these adornments have significance as symbols of faith, emphasizing the adherence to the Scandinavian pagan cult and acting as analogs of Christian body crosses.

How to wear Viking leather bracelets nowadays? 

In case you are wondering how to make a dragon bracelet, pay attention to the material from which they are made. Dragon bracelets also showed the social status of their owner, as the wealthiest chose expensive metals, respectively, cheaper metals and materials were chosen by the lower strata of society. However, leather bracelets will be the most practical, they will suit any style and will be comfortable on any wrist. If you are wondering how to get a divine dragon bracelet, you can pay attention to the craftsmen who make this jewelry by hand or find a suitable model in stores. In any case, a Viking-style bracelet can be a great gift, because we all love to admire Viking jewelry in museums. Everyone will be happy to have something made similarly and absorb the atmosphere, energy, and strength of this strong nation.