What is Kawaii? Meaning of the Kawaii Japanese Culture of Cuteness

Today Japan’s cute culture is becoming more popular all over the world. There also appeared a particular term, “Kawaii.” This style is ubiquitous, as a lot of people of different ages are looking for Kawaii clothes, Kawaii room decor, and even Kawaii food.

Undoubtedly, the Kawaii style has become a Japanese phenomenon. Being a distinctive feature of Japan, it attracts a lot of tourists around the world. But what does it mean and what is the reason for its sudden popularity? Keep on reading to get to know an answer and learn more exciting information about the Japanese cute culture.

Kawaii Meaning

First of all, it is necessary to understand what Kawaii is. This word is translated as “cuteness.” It is usually used to describe different Kawaii characters such as hello kitty, chococat, gudetama, etc. Besides, the most recognizable are anime characters, which became an integral part of Kawaii culture.

Also, this word is considered to be one of the most frequently used in Japan. Regarding the word “Kawaii,” we mean an essential part of Japanese contemporary lifestyle and culture.

Characteristic Features of Kawaii Culture

Even though there is a significant number of different Kawaii characters, there are some features which are common for all of them. Let us consider the most interesting of them.

To begin with, all these characters are depicted with a rather big head, small nose, big, widely opened eyes. Usually, their emotions are not recognizable from the facial expression. Moreover, there may be no facial expression at all. 

The most Recognizable Kawaii Character

The most popular Kawaii character, which holds these characteristic features, is Hello Kitty. It is a small kitty with a big head, which makes her body disproportionate. Hello Kitty has big eyes but not so glittering and shining as other anime characters have. 

However, the absence of emotions on its face is not a disadvantage. It does not prevent Hello Kitty from being so lovely and cute. The lack of emotions helps people to think over everything that is happening with this character by themselves. In such a case, viewers are more interested in the image and adventures of Hello Kitty.

The Influence of Kawaii Culture on Art

Kawaii culture has already influenced a lot of aspects of modern life. Among them are fashion, cinema, gastronomy, music, design, and art. Kawaii art is also well known as anime art. It is prevalent and accessible nowadays. 

There are a lot of great Kawaii artists whose drawings captured the whole world. Their creative works influence art, making Kawaii more popular and recognizable.

Today it is impossible to imagine Japan without Kawaii style. Its cuteness attracts a lot of tourists, encouraging them to get to know more about Japanese culture.