Christmas Trees

Top 5 Fragrant Christmas Trees

Everything is essential for the atmosphere of a real Christmas – a beautiful apartment decor, a traditional holiday dinner, gifts, time with family. But to create this atmosphere, it is essential to pay attention to even the most minor details—for example, the smells. Homemade cocoa and cookies can be prepared without any problems, but choosing a Christmas tree that will smell at home as if you have just visited a coniferous forest is more difficult. You can choose a live Christmas tree and get the advantages of Christmas tree delivery, which will naturally be fragrant, and you can choose flavors for artificial Christmas trees – the choice is yours. Here is our top of the most fragrant Christmas trees.

Spruce Sheared

If you are wondering what is the most fragrant Christmas tree, this one is a winner. This tree has this traditional spruce smell that people often want to have in their houses during the Christmas holidays. It has a persistent coniferous aroma, so be careful if you are too sensitive to smells. However, one special characteristic of the spruce sheared is that it has a fragrant that becomes weaker when the tree dries. 

Fraser Fir

It is also one of the best scented Christmas trees that deserved its popularity because of the persistent and robust scent that retains its freshness and aroma for a long time. It is a perfect case for the Christmas tree in the big house because it does not need a lot of care but will create in the house the atmosphere of a fairy tale, and you will want to sit near the tree with a cup of some good tea because the tree itself smells with hints of citrus and fir.

Pine New Year’s

Pine is a classic example of the best Christmas tree scent. Pines are just as resinous as Fraser Fir and exude a pleasant pine scent. The persistence of the smell is determined by the speed of drying of the New Year tree. If the firs may not crumble for a couple of months, and the Fraser fir retains its freshness for several weeks, then a sheared spruce does not have such stable needles.

 Norman fir

Norman fir is another good answer to the question of which Christmas tree smells the best. However, this example will suit most people who do not like strong scents because it has a weaker and unstable aroma, which disappears as it dries. 

Spruce Prickly

Such a Christmas tree will create in your house cozy atmosphere. Do you remember those warm evenings in childhood near the fireplace when it was snowing outside? It was precisely the smell of the spruce prickly – its aroma is associated with drying in a warm room. However, its smell is also not very stable and a little weak, so that this traditional spruce smell will stay only for a few weeks.