visa denial

Reasons Why Visa May Be Rejected

Today thousands of people believe that they will have more opportunities abroad. That’s why they decide to apply for visas. Usually, the process of applying is rather long lasting and expensive.

Of course, nobody wants to have his/her visa rejected. But how can you avoid it? What are the reasons for visa denial? What is a TN visa grace period? Keep on reading and you will be aware of all important nuances, concerning this question.

Main Reasons for Visa Denial

There are quite a lot of rules everyone should follow while applying for a visa. You need to remember the most common reasons, in order to avoid visa rejections.

·         Usage of false documents

Sometimes, there are some cases, when people are trying to use fake identities. Of course, it is a bad idea to show the false travel documents to the embassy or the consulate. As it is strictly denied, you should nоt even think about this. If you want to avoid problems, just use your own documents.

·         Wrong organization of documents

When you organize your documents, every detail is very important. Take it seriously and make sure that everything is correct. If there is a small minor mistake, your visa may be rejected.

You should follow some commonly accepted rules. One of them is to store all the required documents in chronological order. It may be rather hard for you to do that yourself. In such a case, you can ask a professional law migration specialist to check whether everything is organized correctly.

·         The criminal actions

If there are any criminal actions done, the consulate will deny the application for a visa. It is believed that such a person is a threat to society. That’s why he or she will not be able to pass the border.

·         Being unconfident during the interview

Be self-confident and express it during the interview. Show that you are aware of vise applying aspects. But remember that everything should be within reason. Don’t be too confident, behaving as the wisest person on the Earth.

·         Giving a lot of extra information

During the interview, you will be asked a lot of different questions. You just need to answer them clearly. Drop all unnecessary details, which do not belong to the question. Otherwise, you will be told that you are not eligible for a visa.

Useful Things to Know About the US Visa Rejection

In most cases, there is nothing peculiar about applying for US visas. Reasons for US visa rejections are the same we have already mentioned above. You just need to understand that the US consulate will not reject your visa with no reason. If your US visa is denied, you will be immediately notified of the reasons for rejection.


Now you are aware of some important rules, concerning visa applying. You need just follow all of them to have no further problems.