Carbonara Wine Pairing

Carbonara Wine Pairing: What Wine Goes With Carbonara?

Originated in Italy, pasta carbonara is now a favorite main course for numerous people all around the world. Spaghetti served with a creamy sauce made from eggs, cured pork, Pecorino Romano cheese, and black pepper is an ideal choice for either romantic or family dinner. So, you decide to cook this Italian dish for a special occassion, but what is the best wine for carbonara? Keep reading to discover how to satisfy your guests with a glass of fine wine. But first, please visit our wine shop to find a wide assortment of drinks from the world’s wineries.

Carbonara wine pairing: What to know?


1. Pinot Noir

If you think that Italian pasta should be paired with Italian wine only, you might be mistaken. Pinot Noir, red wine with high acidity and bold fruity notes, appears as an ideal match for your carbonara! This red tastes well with whichever you put in pasta, ham, and bacon, and its refreshing flavors are perfect for softening salty tastes in your dish. Pinot Noir is an excellent wine pairing with carbonara for every connoisseur of fine red wines.


2. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is among the most versatile options to pair with different-styled plates of pasta, including carbonara, seafood, and tomato. A light-bodied white wine offers a bouquet of refreshing neutral motives that complement well Italian pasta carbonara. Moreover, Pinot Grigio is available in literally every food store, so it won’t be a challenge for you to find a bottle or two. Bon appetit!


3. Gavi

Came from the Piedmont region in Italy, dry white wine Gavi is among the best pairings with Italian pasta dinner. This wine is made exceptionally from white grapes Cortese. Gavi might be with medium- and medium-bodied acidity, and rich floral, lemon, and green apple flavors go well with a creamy carbonara sauce. Even though this Italian wine is commonly served with fish, you might be surprised how incredibly spaghetti tastes with a glass of delicate Gavi!


4. Chianti Classico

If you still wonder what wine goes with carbonara, the Italian style wine Chianti Classico is the way to go. The pleasant acidity of red wine allows you to feel the rich flavors of carbonara sauce with Pecorino Romano and butter. Multiple wine enthusiasts also enjoy the bold smoky, herbal, and earthy notes in Chianti Classico flavor to complement the salty taste of traditional Italian pasta.


5. Montepulciano d`Abruzzo

This inexpensive Italian produced in the Abruzzi region wine is widely associated with the best wine with carbonara. Medium tannins and acidity in Montepulciano d’Abruzzo greatly complement pasta’s fatty and creamy sauce. Whichever you put in a dish, ham or bacon, make sure the earthy motives in this delicate red wine are perfect to pair with salty meat in carbonara. You will enjoy the refreshing and pleasing notes of black cherry, plum, and blackberry in the flavor. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo claims to become your favorite wine to serve with Italian dishes!