Golden Teacher Mushroom

6 Facts About Golden Teacher Mushroom

FACT №1 What is a golden teacher? 

Well, the very notion of golden teacher’s magic mushrooms are relatively new. This plant did not appear until about the 1980s or 1990s. This history no one really knows, it is known that he has a golden hat with the golden yellow dots on it. Where did it come from? Unfortunately, at this time, has not yet been clarified. 

FACT № 2 How to identify golden teacher mushroom

What do they look like? Golden teacher mushroom looks very beautiful because it has a beautiful golden-yellow center and the cap itself on the edges of a brown ashy, as well as a slightly curved golden leg. It is interesting that its head is almost 8 cm! It is because of these large hats that golden teacher mushroom spores are called perfect.

FACT №3 Recommended dose of golden teacher 

If you want to try these mushrooms, the normal dosage is approximately 1 to 2.5 grams. In some mushroom growers, it will seem that this dose is minimal, but this is erroneous. This mushroom should be used in minuscule doses and not to overdo it in any case.

FACT № 4 Growing golden teacher 

If you suddenly want to grow Golden Teacher, but are afraid, do not worry, this is nothing very complicated, and you do not even need to be a professional. All you need is a golden teacher mushroom grow kit, with its help you can grow a good and beautiful harvest. The main thing to remember is not to dip the mushroom in water, but to spray it lightly with water, and it is very important to follow the sequence of instructions and everything will be as it should be. 

FACT №5 Golden teacher mushroom effects

Golden teacher mushrooms have a hallucinogenic effect. If you want to try them, the best solution is to make golden teacher mushroom tea. And how to make golden teacher mushroom tea? It is very simple. All you need to do is to dry another plant and brew it. After that, when you drink it you will feel a rush of energy and vivacity, which over time will begin to turn into hallucinations and different visions. Mushrooms are used by those who want to find harmony between the mind and the spiritual world.  

FACT №6 : Recommendations for using the Golden Teacher 

When you decide to use this product, you need to take care that there is a person with adequate thinking, that is, someone who will not use anything that has an impact on the body and the mind. This is the person who will be able to keep an eye on you and help you if something goes wrong after you have tried mushrooms.

It is very important that you do not take more than the recommended dose and also never mix it with other psychotropic substances or drugs, because it is a complete product, and it should be taken by itself, without any other additives. You should also take some vitamin C with you because it can help you if you feel unwell, and you should drink a lot of water, because psilocybin is full of it, so you will be fine, and you will be back to your usual routine in no time.