Healing Energy

5 Effective Ancient Qigong Exercises for Increasing Healing Energy

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It is worth mentioning some qigong exercises which are considered to be efficient. So, what are the most popular and widespread qigong breathing exercises? What is qigong? Is qigong meditation beneficial? Keep on reading to find the answers and to get to know a lot of new information about the Chinese exercises.

Five the most Popular and Useful Qigong Exercises for Beginners

First of all, it is essential to know the meaning of qigong Chinese exercises. It is commonly accepted that the qigong exercises is usually used in Chinese medicine. Besides, qigong is considered to be a rather efficient and useful system of various activities. All the qigong exercises can be divided into two main groups. However, all they are considered to be the medical qigong exercises. For instance, there are dynamic exercises and calming ones such as various qigong breathing exercises and qigong meditation. So, let us consider five most effective and widespread qigong exercises which will not be difficult to do even for beginners.

1.    Move your arms rather slowly and gently from your chest. You may imagine that you are going to push the air from yourself. This Chinese exercise will help you to make your concentration and focusing better.

2.    Stay straight and try to put your hands as high above you as possible. It is recommended to think that you want to catch the sky. This exercise is useful, as it helps to stay calm and clear your thoughts.

3.    Sit down, close your eyes, and try to imagine that you are in your favorite place now. Stay calm, keep your head, and forget about all the problems.

4.    Make a deep breath and try to concentrate on your feelings. Forget about everything which surrounds you and think about your inner world.

5.    Try to feel your palms. If you are calm, you will feel the warmth. That will help you to concentrate on yourself and to maintain the positive atmosphere which surrounds you.


It has been proved that qigong Chinese exercises are rather practical and helpful. That is why they are usually used in medicine. It is worth knowing some qigong exercises to make your spiritual health better.