Essential STD Exam Skills

Starting1/14/2013 Ending1/15/2013 StatusClosed
LocationSeattle, WA Cost$200.00 Credit HoursNone

This 2-day workshop focuses on essential communication skills and examination techniques used with patients at risk for STD. The didactic portion (Day 1) includes Sexual History Taking, Basic Male and Female Anatomy, Performance of the STD-Related Exam, Preparing the Exam Room, Review of Case Studies, Documentation, and Microscopy. During the practicum (Day 2), students observe a step-by-step exam on both male and female model patients, then have the opportunity to prepare the exam room and perform at least one full STD exam (including specimen collection) on both male and female model patients in the presence of a preceptor.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe skills for effective patient/provider communication in order to complete a sexual history and risk assessment for STDs and related reproductive health problems.
  2. List equipment necessary to perform a routine STD examination.
  3. Describe basic reproductive anatomy and be able to perform an STD physical examination.
  4. Identify the sites from which specimens should be obtained and proper techniques in specimen collection.
  5. List the laboratory tests which are recommended for screening patients at risk for STDs.

This course is designed for clinicians new to caring for patients seeking STD-related care. Continuing Education is available.

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